The OpenPXA project

An Open Source boot code for Marvell PXA3xx CPUs

Project goal and status

Released files:

The OpenPXA project released one public version so far. The release is called "beta", because it may contain bugs we are not yet aware of. The released files can be found on the SourceForge's file site: This release contains support for Colibri PXA300, PXA310, PXA320(IT) and Littleton PXA310 boards.



NOTE: Substitute plat for your platform name and arm-crosscc- for your crosscompiler prefix.


Mailing lists: IRC: #openpxa


Lead developer: Marek Vasut
EMail: marek (.) vasut (at) gmail (.) com
Jabber: marex (at) jabber (.) cz

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